Jarlan Pourcel, André

Father André Jarlan Pourcel was a chaplain of the YCW movement of Chile.

He was born on May 25, 1941 in Reginac, France. 

On 16 June, 1968 he was ordained a diocesan priest in Rodez and appointed vicar of the parish of Aubin, a mining area, where he quickly made ​​contact with the working world.

Soon he was advisor to the Young Christian Workers (YCW) and the Catholic Workers Action (ACO) in the region.

Friends from that time described him as "a man always available, open to dialogue with people and that after its discovery the working world had chosen to live next to the most deprived."

"Demanding of himself, his collaborators also demanded total surrender, the most generous." 

Urged by this call, Andrew joined the Priests of the Prado de Lyon, a group specializing in helping the poorest of the poor, both in materially and spiritually. In 1982, he felt called to offer his services in Latin America. To prepare he went to the University of Leuven in Belgium to learn Spanish.

On 23 February 1983, he arrived in the parish of Our Lady of Victory, in Santiago de Chile. 

"I knew it would be a difficult task, but I was happy at the thought of sharing his lot with the poor, who are willing to give everything without reservation "in the words of his brother Georges. 

"I feel apprehension for the mass of workers and the vast working class youth. Each day I discovered a larger God and every day and I am increasingly committed to basic choices of the Church," he wrote to a friend shortly before coming to Chile. 

He died on September 4 1984, at approximately 18:45 hrs. A bullet killed him while he was praying Psalm 129.

That year and a half in Victoria stuck in so many who shared with him his pastoral duties, his tireless support, his permanent smile , especially in the young. Cardinal Juan Francisco Fresno, at that time Archbishop of Santiago, said in his homily at the funeral Mass:

ndrew, brother, your service and delivery will not to be infertile. They are not finished with your death. Begin to flourish today with a fertility God grants to those who are called to give his life for love."

On 8 September, 1983, at 14, 42, the body of P. Jarlan left Pudahuel Airport for France.

He influenced thousands of people who kept his memory and shared his teachings.


Biografía del P. Andre Jarlan Pourcel (Especial canonisation Alberto Hurtado)